Being Prepared and Supported for Birth

Hey Tribe! On The Village Blog I love connecting with professionals in the community to share their knowledge regarding all things health and family related. This week we have Sandra Nishihata, owner and certified DONA doula at GreensboroDoula sharing about the importance of being prepared and supported during, before and after birth! Enjoy!

Dr. Kim

Did you ever think about what a woman’s body is going through during pregnancy and childbirth? We all see the obvious belly growing and we know that there is a baby born at the end of the pregnancy. But what are the important physical changes that we don't give enough attention to?

Hormones are responsible to make a woman’s body flexible and strong at the same time to be able to grow a little human being and give birth. Let this sink down a little bit:

Growing a little human…

That is a lot of work! While the uterus, which is a huge muscle, is growing and stretching with the growth of a baby, the cervix tissue is not giving in and keeping the baby where it belongs.

Our abdominal muscles are doing also a fantastic job by getting ‘out of the way’ and keeping the body upright at the same time. The abdominal muscles that are creating the ‘six pack’ are moving to the side to create space for the growing little human. The pelvic floor muscles are holding everything together, so uterus and baby are not falling out, and during birth, they stretch together with the cervix to an extend to let a baby out. Isn't that amazing!?!

Of course a woman’s body should know what to do instinctively, so why should we interfere with nature?

First, let me tell you that we are supporting and not interfering. And second, our lifestyle has changed a lot in the last few decades. And that is the main reason why it is a good idea to support our bodies a little when it comes to childbirth. Like every good and healthy lifestyle, it just makes you feel better and more prepared of what is coming.

An athlete wouldn't attend the Olympics without intense preparation, right? They have a whole team of chiropractors, physiotherapists, coaches, support people, dietitians, and more. It is not guaranteeing them the gold medal, but they are going to be in the best ‘mood’ and ready to win it!

The same applies to childbirth: You don't really know the way you will give birth in the end, but being mindful about your body and the life growing inside of you and a great team on your side is giving you a good start.

Who should be on your team?

A chiropractor, who is making sure your body is aligned and your nervous system is clear from interference can help dramatically for a comfortable and successful pregnancy, labor ,delivery and recovery postpartum. The Webster Technique is a way to get your body in good balance and specific for pregnant woman.

A healthcare provider, who you can trust and is fitting your needs. Women’s hospital in Greensboro, the birth center in Statesville, or Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem, for example, give you plenty of options to find a midwife or OB that fits your idea of good care.

A doula, who will guide you through the whole process with nonjudgmental support, resources, and knowledge around pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. While doulas are getting more common to attend births, still few people know that doulas provide important support in the postpartum time.

Enjoy your pregnancy and check out our upcoming blogs around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and how you can make the best out of it.

Stay healthy!

To connect with Sandra visit her website here. GreensboroDoula in Greensboro is providing full service to their clients. You will find everything from prenatal and postpartum exercise classes, over doula services, to placenta encapsulation.