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Why I Am a Chiropractor


When chiropractic first found me in Asheville, NC I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had placed my resume on craigslist and only a few days afterward I was heading into an interview with a chiropractic office. Everything I had known about the doctor’s office was all based on my own experience of sickness, lack and sadness; you went to the doctor when you were sick or dying, that was it. Expecting the same thing with this office I was weary at first but quickly noticed a different atmosphere that existed within those walls. People were smiling and even dancing in and out of this office! It was the exact opposite of a ‘typical’ doctor’s office and I was immediately intrigued. I began my new career as a chiropractic assistant only a few hours later and it did not take me long to fall in love with the chiropractic story. The story of true health- that the body is innately designed to heal itself and that it is only fully capable of doing so when the brain-body connection is free of interference (subluxation). Chiropractors are the only profession in the world who are trained to analyze, detect and correct these subluxations. It made so much sense to me and I found myself asking the question that later I would find many people ask after experiencing chiropractic, “Why doesn’t everybody know about this?” Back then, I figured the answer was that there weren’t enough chiropractors out there sharing this story- So I decided to become a chiropractor. To share this truth that was being overlooked in main stream media and coffee table talk, to share something SO BIG that the entire thought process of modern “healthcare” would change. 

Chiropractic is empowering, it makes sense, it gives the power back to your body and to your soul that inhabits it. It doesn’t focus on what’s wrong with you, but on everything that is right with you, something that is desperately missing in this world. Too often people are fearfully bullied into thinking their body isn’t enough and that they are missing something from the outside in order to be healthy. My question to that is: why would the Lord create us defective? He wouldn’t. Our body is always working perfectly within the environment of which we keep it. If we eat poor, don’t exercise, think negatively, sleep improperly and have a malfunctioning nervous system which controls all of the above mentioned then the output will be exactly the input. On the other hand if we reverse that and eat clean, exercise, put positive thoughts and images into our minds, get adequate sleep and ensure proper nervous system functioning… then the output will be just as pure as the input! Chiropractic gives hope where it is needed, where it is desperately needed. I am a chiropractor because I love being able to offer something to humanity that changes lives, futures and families; something so pure and so truthful; to help you achieve your optimum potential. 

I am honored you have chosen me as your family chiropractor. I look forward to joining you on your journey of health, happiness and wellness.

Dr. Kim Snider