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Download the appropriate form and when completed with your information, save and email the form back to us at or print the completed form and bring it with you to your first visit. This will speed up the process upon your first visit with us.

Hello and welcome to our office!

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Our mission here at the Village is to provide honest, quality healthcare to families in and around the Triad Area so that they may express the best possible version of themselves through safe, natural chiropractic care. We are honored that you have chosen us as your family chiropractors to join your healthcare journey, a journey that starts so differently for all of us.

Dr. Kim’s journey of chiropractic began in Asheville, NC when she was recruited as a chiropractic assistant and discovered the power that chiropractic had on the world. After about a week of working there, she decided to pursue her newfound calling as a chiropractor.

Dr. Joe’s journey began a bit differently! At the age of 4, Dr. Joe was still not speaking, could not make or hold eye contact and had behavioral issues due to this inability of communication. Many doctors wrote him and his family off with words like “Every child develops differently” or “Get ready for a life of special education for this child”. It was only when his uncle graduated Chiropractic school and began adjusting him that his power of connection with those around him and his communication soared! Not only did he begin to speak but he went on to finish top 10 in his high school and chiropractic classes, something the doctors said would NEVER happen.

We met in our last year of chiropractic school and immediately bonded over our shared love of natural healthcare, caring for families and March Madness Basketball 😊 Since then, God continues to guide us on our mission with our family of 7 (1 girl, twin boys and twin girls)- a mission of providing hope and guidance for families who are seeking to live a natural, healthy lifestyle.

We are excited that you are here and are looking forward to helping your family achieve your health goals to raise a natural, happy family.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Kim and Dr. Joe