People like chiropractic because it approaches health in a natural, safe, drug-free manner.



Your doctor of chiropractic is specially trained to analyze your body for subluxations. Using special chiropractic adjustment techniques, your chiropractor safely, gently and painlessly corrects your subluxations, ridding your body of this health-damaging condition.



Walk into a chiropractor’s office and who do you see? People with all kinds of problems: colds, flu, allergies, hearing problems, ear infections, spinal or disc problems, pain, whiplash, arthritis, insomnia, stress, vision problems, headaches, PMS, bed-wetting, colic, high blood pressure—the list is very long. For over a hundred years people have visited their neighborhood doctor of chiropractic for nearly every health condition! (1-6)



Subluxations are caused by stress of all kinds including physical stress such as poor posture, accidents, sitting or working in the same position for long periods, sports injuries and any kind of physical trauma even if seemingly mild.

It may surprise you to discover that a stressful birth or a childhood fall can cause health problems that may not surface until decades later. Without a chiropractic checkup these old, long-standing subluxations may never be found and corrected. The result? Adults with physical and/or emotional dis-ease or malfunction and subsequent health problems.

Studies reveal that nearly everyone has subluxations; it is a “hidden epidemic.” For that reason you and your family need to see a doctor of chiropractic for a checkup—just as you get your eyes, teeth, and blood pressure checked!




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