What the Triad is Saying


Family Care

“Village family has helped us get our baby boy aligned for a better nursing experience since he was 4 weeks old! Then I joined in & now our oldest son gets adjusted as well!! We love the family atmosphere in the office too!!I highly recommend them to anyone!”
— Salina E.
“After going to several chiropractic offices in the area, I finally feel great! The doctors are wonderful and the office environment is equally great! We love being a part of the family at Village Family Chiropractic!”
— Danielle H.
“The Doctors are so kind, caring, and knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for Chiropractic care! We love going to Village Family <3”
— Kayla J.
“The doctors are wonderful! I knew almost nothing about Chiropractic care before Village Family Chiropractic and they took the time to explain everything and go over all of my needs and desires, as well as the details of how it related specifically to my body. She always greets me with a smile and by name the second I enter the office, and I am always amazed at how well she remembers every little thing about me individually! She always radiates happiness and genuine care, which is then reflected off of every patient I’ve ever seen in her office. I feel better, but not only that - I trust my body is working better, even the parts I don’t see or feel. She has helped me to understand overall wellness more in just the short time I have been seeing her, and I look forward to years to come.”
— Mandy S.

Health and healing

“Love Dr Kim. My headaches are much better since I started in her care.”
— Marva V.
She explains what she is doing and why and wants you to understand what is going on with your body. I highly recommend Dr. Kim!
— Andrea K.
Tim thought he felt good until we were able to get him in to see the doctors on his surprise day off. His soreness has mostly dissipated and his range of motion has dramatically increased just in the last two hours.
— Dusti P.

My kids and I love and trust her with our health and wellness. I highly recommend her to my doula clients, and am grateful for her expertise in the community! ♡ Thank you for all you do Dr. Kim! You are valued and appreciated so much!
— Jade C.
My quality of life has improved since going to Village Family Chiropractic. I highly recommend them!
— Joy B.
She is so warm and inviting. My whole family sees her. My 3 year old was very apprehensive of the whole process but she never judged or got annoyed with him. She calmly and quickly always adjusted him. Now, at less than a month of seeing her, he comes in greeting her and always says good bye with a smile on his face. She has helped my husband with a work injury and I as well for regular aches and pains along with some postpartum issues. I feel like a completely different person emotionally and psychically! Lastly, our infant son also sees Dr. Kim! She has allowed us to start him out as healthy as possible in life by starting his adjustments so early on. We have been able to avoid antibiotics for ear infections thanks to her. We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kim! She’s been a life saver all around for my family!
— Anum H.
I had my first adjustment with Dr. Kim today and I am beyond impressed. I already feel an improvement in my range of motion and decrease in the discomfort I was experiencing prior to my visit. Dr. Kim made me feel comfortable and supported with her warm and welcoming demeanor. I was so grateful for the time, care, and thoroughness she took to educate and empower me in understanding my body and how chiropractic care can help me meet my health goals. I highly recommend Dr. Kim and her approach to chiropractic care!
— Brooke L.

true health and expression

“We have been very satisfied with our time in your practice. Not only have you addressed our concerns with August but you have educated us on many topics surrounding babies. It has been incredible to watch our son respond to his adjustments and to see his body work to heal itself. We tell everyone about our wonderful experience with your office and plan to continue care for August as well as ourselves.”
— April N.
I help run the Triad VBAC support group with Kim and can’t say enough good things about her. She is passionate about chiropractic care and is such a leader in the community. She has adjusted my boys after a meeting and was so gentle with them. They talked for hours about how good they felt afterwards. Thanks Kim! Keeping doing YOU and your business will continue to thrive and lives will be impacted.
— Jessica P.
Silas has been posterior positioned for some time now so my midwives suggested chiropractic care and I couldn’t be happier that they did. After just one adjustment I could feel a huge improvement. Dr. Kim sat and talked with us and thoroughly explained the process and limitless benefits that come from chiropractic care. Gage had his first adjustment and loved it as well! Looking forward to taking a more proactive approach to our general health and wellness with regular visits to such an amazing chiropractor and if you’re looking for one, I more than highly recommend making an appointment!
— Spencer L.
My headaches are better. Dr. Kim has seen improvement with my range of motion. My mood is better and I am sleeping much better which has helped me stay motivated with my exercise routine! Dr. Kim is very professional and takes a personal interest in you as a patient. My first visit she never made me feel like “your 15 minutes are up”. She takes the time to explain things so you understand and takes as much time as you need!
— Laura C.
“With my first birth my baby was breech and despite effort to turn her, she remained head up and I had to have a C-section. Determined to have a natural birth with baby #2 I found Dr. Kim who is a prenatal and pediatric certified chiropractor. I started chiropractic mid-pregnancy. Baby was breech at that point. By 35 weeks she was head down and I felt great! All my midwife appointments confirmed baby and my body were doing well! The hip pain I had gradually resolved. I feel so good and my body is ready for a super natural birth with the help of the Lord and my wonderful chiropractors! I am so thankful that God led me to them at just the right time in my life. What a blessing!”
— Emily
“For years I have put up with pain in my sciatic and legs. In 2013 I went to a festival in Thomasville (Everybody’s Day) and saw Dr. Kim’s chiropractic booth set up. Something told me to get checked. It was free so I had nothing to lose and maybe it would help me.

I had been using a cane to help me walk for years. I made an appointment with Dr. Kim Snider to be checked out and since I’ve been getting adjusted I no longer need my cane to walk into her office. I never realized that I could be helped by a chiropractor because the kind of pain I had been having was so severe. I could not sleep at night because the pain made me walk the floor. After a few sessions with Dr. Snider I began to feel and see a difference in my hip and leg. For me the help I got for my pain is priceless. I thank God every day for sending me to their health booth that Saturday.

I know now that I am on the road to better health. There is no price you can put on feeling better after so long of suffering. I will continue to have maintenance appointments to keep my body in check. This could not have been possible without the professional help I have received from Dr. Kim!
— Brenda W.