Wear Your Baby!

Guest Blogger Introduction

Here on The Village Blog I love connecting with professionals in the community to share their knowledge regarding all things health and family related. This week we have Jade Chiu, babywearing expert, loving mother and wife, local birth doula, postpartum doula, birth photographer, and waterbirth tub manager with The Labor Ladies LLC - located in Greensboro, NC. Jade's two beautiful children, Zoey and Brian, inspire her daily to bless others through sharing support with other parents, walking with them on the journey of birth and parenthood. Enjoy!


Hey everyone! Summer is here and I'd love to show you one of my favorite ways to wear my baby at the beach, pool, fresh outta the bath, or anywhere! This style torso carry is inspired from African and Asian cultures, where they use what is called an African Kanga, or a Korean Podagie. Torso carries are amazing for full and uninhibited arm range of motion! All you need is a towel that can wrap around you with a little extra room for your kiddo. If you have never worn your baby on your back, please be cautious and consider asking someone to spot you, or stand next to a couch or bed, just in case.

Step 1: Get your baby on your back.

Step 2: Put the towel over you and baby.

Step 3: Bring the top rails in and overlap snuggly, then roll downward.

Step 4: Gather the bottom rails making sure the towel goes knee to knee, then snuggly twist, tuck inside, and fix your shirt if needed.


Make sure baby feels secure! This is a tension carry and there are no knots.

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